Autograph Consignments

– Can’t make it to an Event to get something signed by your favorite celebrity/guest?

 – Not a fan of waiting in line?

 – Don’t want the added expense of travel, tickets, etc?

 Let do the work for you with our consignment service. Select one of our items, send your own in or simply have us pick out a table photo for any of the announced Guests.

We will take all of your requests and present them as we would our own items and do our best to get you EXACTLY what you want.

Upcoming Consignment Opportunities

Please note: as with all signings, the final outcome is based on what the celebrity/guest is willing to do. We will alwyas attempt to fulfill any requests for things like pen color, autograph placement, inscriptions, character names and personalizations. We cannot guarantee these ‘add-ons’ and some may come with additional fees. 

If there is a question about an add on or a fee, we will contact you immediately. If we are unable to reach you, we will use our best judgement based on previous discussions.