Make a statement without all the work! Ready2Frame makes displaying and protecting your signed photos easy!

Any of our items are available for custom matting/mounting before they ship to you. You can choose from a pre-made design (when available) or a new, custom design.


  • All mattes are made of acid-free polystyrene
    • (Archival grade plastic)

  • They are printed directly on the matte
    • not simply paper glued to foam 

  • UV cured ink is fade and moisture resistant

  • All photos are mounted in a non-invasive and removable way, so as not to damage your item.

Why matte your photos?

Before we answer that – take into consideration where the item will be stored/displayed. Will it be in a location that has a lot of moisture? So you want to preserve your item while it is on display? If you answered ‘YES’ to either of those – then a matte is 100% needed.

The matte in framing serves more than just a pretty border. The mat provides important practical functions, and it has a visual purpose as well (especially with our mattes!). It actually helps preserve the image with air circulation, It gives the image more support within the frame, and finally it is used to enhance the image’s presentation.

  • A mat allows air circulation between the art and the glazing material (the glass or plastic sheet that covers the art in a frame.)

This will eliminate the photo/autograph potentially sticking to the glazing material.

  • The mat and its backing board provide additional support for the piece.

A mat also allows unframed art to be handled without touching the art.

  • Mats are an important part of the visual presentation in picture framing.

Our mattes are designed to compliment each piece. They are not traditional plain white (or colored) mattes and can be designed to your specifications.